Hop Pickers Cottage – Bewl Water

Reconstruction of a historic hop pickers cottage on the banks of Bewl Water.

From the early 1900’s families would travel from London for a working holiday in the countryside to bring in the hop harvest. Accommodation was provided by the farmers in the form of extremely basic cottages with bunk beds. The whole family worked through the day picking hops in exchange for bed and board and were generally paid in locally brewed beer!

The project, while straightforward to build was a logistical challenge being in the middle of a field a considerable distance from any roads or infrastructure. A long access drive crossing a nearby field had to be installed. Electricity had to be ducted a considerable length from a pylon in a nearby field and a water supply was piped almost half a mile from the nearest water main.

The project involved strict ecological and environmental controls being in a rural location near to Bewl Water and the excellent Klargester BioDisc sewage treatment plant was installed to serve the property.

This lovely little cottage makes a stunning addition to our client’s rural holiday rental portfolio and means people can enjoy the seclusion of the beautiful sussex coutryside once again.


“The successful delivery by Mitchells of a new clubhouse was a game changer for our club. Although the club was successful, for many years its home was woefully short of basic contemporary standards which had become a limiting factor in its development.

The club undertook a rigorous procedure to ensure the selection of the builder who would be supportive of the challenges of a project that was primarily funded via public grants.

The project itself faced many challenges including architectural oversights, the late discovery of a high voltage cable close to the building which cause significant delays and time pressure to be ready of the start of the cricket season. By maintaining a close working relationship with Mitchells we were able to overcome these and successfully deliver the project.

The new clubhouse is widely regarded as a huge success by the club, the local community and the regional council who were key stakeholders in the project.

Throughout the project Mitchell’s Construction demonstrated exceptional levels of professionalism and formed a close working relationship with the club’s committee to ensure its successful delivery.

As the project was primality funding via public grants, cost management was an overriding consideration and Mitchells were instrumental in helping to identify innovative solutions that delivered cost efficiencies whilst maintaining quality,

The project faced many challenges and Mitchells were proactive with resolving these issues which allowed the committee to focus on the remaining aspects of its responsibility. Mitchells always made themselves available, including outside working hours and weekends, to answer questions and discuss any matters in relation to the project.”

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